Non-Cloud Data Solutions!

Get Proven Results with Total In-House Control!

In-House Secured: Non Cloud Solutions

Not every situation allows for on-line data. If  your business has  proprietary data that can not be removed from an in-house platform,   you can still get all the benefits of modern, browser based applications.

ZSI DATA  can build a complete solution In-house, using all the modern tools and methods available to cloud applications.

Solutions are  geared to the  scale of  Network and Computer  resources your business has, or plans to  remain with.

Every situation has  a correct solution (fitting time, effort, and durability delivered). Whether using Excel, Access, SQL, ASP, or any combination... Let us help you  get there!   (609) 608-0532

Intranet: Browser applications In-house

An Intranet is simply using  browser type application, but not connected to the outside!

Reasons to Use Browser (Web based) apps, as Intranet (in house)

  Browser software requires no Licenses, they are free, and always supported!

   Any type of computer  and operating system ( PC or Apple Xp to WIndows 10, MAc or Adnriod..; can be used at will)

   Changes and updates are seamless, all centralized, just one install, all see immediately.

   No complicated networking, just the browser on your own server. (like internet, but not connected to the outside!)